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PSYCHO-SPIRITUALITY : a remedy to eco-anxiety, a resource for eco-warriors !

1er Octobre 2022 - Day 2 of THE CONSCIOUS FESTIVAL : Talk en Duo avec Juliette Allais - psychothérapeute et auteure de nombreux ouvrages de référence en psycho jungienne et transgénérationnelle - et Pierre Moniz-Barreto - expert et formateur en Intelligence Spirituelle. An innovative Duo Talk in english at the crossroads of PSY & SPI dimensions !

Great thanks to Paula Miquelis (the Boss) who invited us, & the whole team (orga) : you all did a fantastic job !

A phygital talk : Physical in Paris @ Ground Control & Virtual with London & Singapour.

What a great time ! Very nice vibes with the audience.

Let's walk together for a more Conscious Living. We'll be there in 2023 !